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Anybody can walk into a department store or visit a web site and lay down their hard-earned cash on a computer that's been advertised at an amazingly-low price. Bargain-priced computers are a dime a dozen, but they really aren't a bargain. You may pay less in the short run, but in the long run you'll normally more than make up for that low retail price tag, either with a short warranty and premature hardware failure, a system that is under-equipped or with the lack of good support following the sale.

Alpha Tek custom-builds PCs to meet your specifications and your computing needs. We hand-pick our components based on brand names and the reputation of the manufacturer, not on bottom-dollar pricing.

We don't compete with the huge manufacturers like Dell, HP, Compaq and the others when it comes to price. But we will run circles around them when it comes to the longevity of our PCs and laptops. We will also shine much more brightly when it comes to the personal touch that comes with our sales and service.

We don't stop at great-running PCs. We also offer superior laptops that will outlast those of the competition. These laptops are built using top-of-the-line components and have excellent features, such as integrated wireless networking, long-lasting batteries and crisp displays. We offer many different models to suit the needs of just about everyone.


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